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Celestia Ludenberg Outfit – Making Of Guide

| Cosplay Sewing, Tutorials | No Comments
Welcome to the Celestia Ludenberg outfit making of guide! Back when I first started my Celestia Ludenberg cosplay I wasn't yet saving stream footage as I had no intention to…

Celestia Ludenberg Wig – Drill Curl Tutorial

| Cosplay Wigs, Tutorials, Twitch | No Comments
Welcome to the Celestia Ludenberg Drill Curl Wig Tutorial! If you prefer video format, a Twitch video link and a YouTube video link are provided above. The text tutorial is…

Pokemon Cospoll Round 4

| Cosplay Planning, Cosplay Poll, Twitch | No Comments
The Pokemon Cosplay Poll is now in round 4! Check out the current match-ups below, and head over to the poll page to see the current standings.

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