Most of this cosplay was done in only a few days. This was the cosplay that really made me start moving away from con crunching. Cinder’s dress was made out of a basic knit fabric, draped on a mannequin for the cut. The embroidery was all digitized and done by me. This was my first run in with embroidery on a stretch fabric, and I realized after doing the embroidery for the sleeves they no longer fit. I had to make a second set of sleeves. For the embroidery there were many separate patterns that had to be pieced together, and this cosplay was excellent practice for matching up pattern pieces. The shorts were made by me as well as the accessories (earrings, choker, anklet, feathered clip on the hip). Originally I wanted to cast the gems out of resin, but I ran out of time so it is all painted clay. The wig was styled by me in the hotel room at the con, using only a hair dryer, hairspray, hair gel, and some scissors.