Pokemon Sun/Moon + VLD



These wigs are done using a custom dyed Arda wig for Hau and an Epic Cosplay wig in white for Alfor. The photos are grouped together due to them being done in the same day for the same cosplayer. The leftmost pictures are how the wigs looked when they were brought to me, and the right three shots are after they were styled! For Hau’s wig, the wig was glued up into a permanent ponytail to hold its shape well. The fibers were already perfect for the style and needing minimal adjustment to get in the spiky style. The side bangs were cut into slight curves to match Hau’s hair. The dye job was done by the cosplayer prior to bringing the wig to me. For Alfor’s wig, all of the bangs needed to be styled and the hair put into the low ponytail. The ponytail is removable so that the hair can be moved from one side of the head to the other if necessary so that it shows better in photos. The base wig was a lace front which helped to give the front bangs a more natural look. Heat styling and hair products were used to get the hair to stand up in the front as best as it could.