League of Legends



This embroidery patch was created for a cosplay of a fanart version of Ahri from League of Legends. The vector art of the design was provided by the cosplayer, and I digitized the design, stitched it out, and cut out the patch. Because this commission was being mailed far away, the embroidery could not be done on the actual fabric that would be used for the costume. So I used a fabric similar in color to the thread for the base. This was a very large design, measuring 13.5″ x 6″, meaning many of the segments were too wide across to use my preferred satin stitched column objects. I had to get creative with using different patterns on the different sections so that the sections would stand out from each other despite being in a singular color. In all this took three separate embroidery patterns due to my embroidery machine’s hoop size limitations.