Soul Eater



Tsubaki was probably the cosplay that first had me getting really into wig styling. My first cosplay did involve a heavily styled wig, but Tsubaki was the first one I got a nicer base wig to start with. The base was an Inigo in black from Arda, which was converted into a ponytail wig. To do this I added wefts all around the back base of the wig, and stubbed the wig into a ponytail. I then shaped foam and wrapped it with more wefts to create the ponytail. The ponytail was then attached on top of the stub and wrapped with a fake leather to match the character.   For the dress, this was also my first attempt at creating a pattern from draping. I didn’t use any patterns for this dress, but instead draped fabric on a dressform to get the desired shape. The shoes were thigh high boots that were shortened to the correct height. Her sleeves were made by sewing alternating bands of grey and black together, with elastic at the top to hold it all in place. The fuzzy armbands had a yellow star applique added on top for a clean finish. This was also the first cosplay I used my embroidery machine on, to add the star appliques on the arms and the chest.   This was my first time creating a prop as well. To help with posing, I decided to make one half of the kama that Tsubaki is shown having come out of her ponytail in official artwork. Side note, I learned many times over from this cosplay that so so so many people who are familiar with this series apparently never noticed the weapons could half transform. The amount of times people tried saying this was wrong got old reeeally fast. Anyways, the kama was made using the expanding foam method, with a plastic chain embedded on the base to ensure it couldn’t come loose. The end of the chain could then simply be clipped into the ponytail using a basic hair clip. The yellow gems on the side were cast out of resin, and the whole thing was painted with basic acrylics.