Vocaloid – Rentica



This version of Yukari is based off her design for the song Rentica. The shorts were made using a pattern created by shorts I already have that was adjusted to make them into balloon shorts. The pieces on the front of the top and the belt are cast out of resin, as is one of the hairpieces. I made one of the hair pieces out of polymer clay, then created a resin mold out of it and cast a matching one. I originally intended to cast two, but the second cast didn’t cure properly and I was in a bit of a time crunch, so I just used the original as well. The ears and the anklets are made with pipe cleaner bases so that they hold their shape and are poseable. I managed to find a lavender stretch fabric that I could use for both the top and the socks so that they would match perfectly. The gloves were made in several pieces: the gloves, the ruffles, the sleeves, and then the pink upper arm bands. The choker is made out of a velvet ribbon and closes in the back with a hook and eye. The wig was styled out of a long straight purple wig. For the ears, the stripes are actually different strips of fabric sewn together. This cosplay was my first time making shorts, and I was very happy with how they turned out! It was also only my second time casting things out of resin, and the first time making my own molds.