Uta no Prince-sama



This cosplay was done almost entirely the day before the con. Originally we had a group with every character, but only one other cosplayer and I came through with it. This cosplay was my first time drafting a pattern rather than draping it, and the pants were absolutely ridiculous. Rather than having seams on the sides, the seams on these pants were on the front and the back, and they had red rectangular insets. It was an experience making them, that’s for sure. The fabric I used for it was beyond awful and I had to fray check every single seam or it would pull out of the stitches. All of the seams were finished with a serger (overlock machine) but they would still pull out. The collar, arm cuff, and waistband were dyed with a brown dye to get a deeper red color compared to the red stripes on the top and the red inserts on the pants. All clothing pieces, accessories, and wig by me.